We are committed to providing our clients with repre- sentation at the highest level of competence through dedication to obtaining a just result.  Our staff is per-
sonalized and maintains open and frequent com-  munication with out clients to keep them informed at each step of the legal process and of the status of their case.  The Law Office of Charles D. Fantl repre-  sents those who are charged with all types of criminal offenses, in family law disputes and those injured in accidents.  My practice covers Lake, Sumter Counties and all Federal Courts in the Middle District of Fla.


If you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested for DUI in Florida, or if the results of your breath test were .08% blood-alcohol or above, your license ordinarily will be suspended 10 days after the arrest unless you or your attorney file a written demand for an administrative hearing within that 10 days.   You should contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options since you have only TEN (10) days to either waive such a hearing and obtain a permit or to demand a formal review.  We are available for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Call a lawyer immediately!

I have represented more than a thousand clients over the last 30 years for everything from DUI to murder, divorce, custody, and injunctions as well as those injured in an accident through no fault of their own.  I am not afraid to go to trial and will aggressively represent your rights and will do everything within the law to protect your legal and constitutional rights.

I have been lead counsel in over one hundred jury and non-jury trials with exceptional results. 

For the convenience of our clients, our office is centrally located in Tavares, Florida just a few blocks from the Lake County Court House and the jail.  We have flexible payment plans and accept all major credit cards.  A consultation regarding a criminal matter  or personal injury matters is always free.

I have been practicing law in central Florida for 30 years and have lived in Lake County Lake County for  25 years.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer, family or personal injury lawyer, call me today for consultation at my office which is located at 324 N. Texas Avenue, Suite A, Tavares, Florida 32778.  Go to the
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                                                                 YOUR RIGHTS

     You Have the Right to an Attorney.  We've all heard this on TV and movies but what does it mean?  If you are contacted by law enforcement and asked to come to the station to speak to an officer,  CALL AN ATTORNEY.  If an officer comes to your home, work or school and wants to talk to you.  TELL THE OFFICER YOU WILL NOT TALK UNTIL YOUR ATTORNEY IS THERE. Then, CALL AN ATTORNEY.
     Even if the officer does not read you your rights and says it is just an informal talk, tell the officer YOU WILL NOT TALK UNTIL YOUR ATTORNEY IS THERE. 
     Many people believe invoking the rights thousands of Americans fought and died for gives the appearance of guilt.  Nothing is further from the truth.  You are simply doing what all Americans have a duty to do, defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States.  Your invoking your rights is not admissible in Court.  No jury will know you refused to talk to officers without your attorney.
     You have a right to be secure in your home and person.  If officers want to search your home, hotel room, vehicle or your person, DO NOT CONSENT TO THE SEARCH.  The officers may tell you they will get a warrant and it would be easier if you just consented.  Easier on who?  An impartial judge may not believe they have probable cause and may reject their request for a warrant, or the warrant may be defective.  They may tell you they will get the K-9 if you don't consent to the search of your vehicle or your person.  The K-9 may not arrive in time or be invalid for other reasons.  YOUR DUTY AS AN AMERICAN is to require the officers to follow the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Florida.

                            WHAT IF I'M STOPPED AFTER DRINKING?
     If you are stopped after having a couple of drinks and the officer asks if you've been drinking, don't answer the question.  Tell him or her:  "I want my attorney"
     If the officer asks you to perform roadside tests, do not do the tests. Nobody passes them.  Stand with your feet slightly apart and politely tell him or her: "I want my attorney"  If they ask if your refusing to do the tests, tell the officer your not refusing, that you just want to "talk to my attorney first."
    When asked to take the blood, breath or urine test do not take it. Just say:  "I want my attorney before I take the test."  They will ask if you are refusing to take the test.  You are not refusing; "I just want to ask my attorney."  When they say you have no right to an attorney, be polite and tell them,  "I'd like to ask my attorney if that is true and what to do." 

      And when they finally read to you that you have a right to remain silent.  What should you say:
                           Do not answer any questions, just tell them: "I WANT MY ATTORNEY"